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For experienced Facilitators who want to earn money leading teams to solve challenges online.

Unlike most challenges available on the internet, guarantees payment to at least one of the two teams that submits a quality solution.

If the Seeker does not choose a winner within 21 days, the award will be divided among all participants, and there will be no transfer of Intellectual Property.
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I was so impressed with the kindness and respect that every team member had for each other, and how positive they are. They have enough graciousness already to truly be able to entertain more than their own ideas. So there's a generosity that runs through everything and I like that very much. »


  1. Signup and fill in the form about your expertise.
  2. Receive invitations to facilitate a team. Invitations will tell you:
    1. information about the challenge,
    2. the exact award amount,
    3. the timeline for the challenge.
  3. Accept an invitation, sign the agreement to transfer the Intellectual Property of the solution, and update the online calendar with your availability.
  4. Receive notification of acceptance into a team.
  5. First team meeting is usually within four days.
  6. Ask as many questions of the Seeker as you wish.
  7. Submit your team's solution and if awarded, receive payment via PayPal within 21 days.

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