Open Innovation

FAQ for Seekers

Why don’t you let Seekers chose the team members?

It's all about maximizing creativity. With years of experience we have a track record of success by developing very creative teams by combining diverse skills and domain expertise. All this combined with cultivating exciting team dynamics and the right Facilitator.

Do I get the intellectual property for each solution that is submitted?

No, you only receive an agreement to transfer the IP to you from each Team member, including the Facilitator, on the winning team.

What if I want the solutions from both teams?

You can receive the IP for both solutions by paying the same award amount to the second Team.

Why was my Challenge not accepted?

A Challenge may not be accepted for one or more of the following reasons:
  1. Award amount is too small to attract Solvers of suffcient skill, to devote the time and effort required to generate a quality solution;
  2. Challenge is not clearly written.