Open Innovation

How do I know that I have a good chance of getting a Quality Solution?

Track Record

Solvers have a track record of accomplishments before joining and a track record with including success rate and comments from each of their team mates and Facilitators.
Interviews with Solvers


Experienced Facilitators encourage and guide team members.
Interviews with Facilitators

Peer Pressure

Each team member seeks the respect of their peers, which leads the commitment to create a quality submissions.


Solvers sign their name to the solutions when transferring the IP.

Detailed Challenge Document

A detailed challenge document is created from the details you provide on our challenge in-take form: a challenge well-defined is a challenge 90% solved.

Our Solution Submission Form

Our solution submission form encourages an all-encompassing, in-depth solution through its many questions.


Two teams compete against each other to get you the best solution.

Imperfect Solution

Sometimes a Seeker is very happy with a solution that fails to completely solve the challenge, but does move the solution significantly forward.

Contaminated groundwater in Bangladesh, lead this non-profit to challenge SolverTeams to come up with a brilliant, inexpensive acoustic biosensor consisting of a biological element that is very sensitive to arsenate and arsenite in drinking water. The device is so simple, even a 7-year-old can use it. »

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