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If you are seeking breakthrough solutions to research and development challenges, SolverTeams can help.

You Post Your Challenge

Use our intake form to guide you. Curated teams of experts are led by world-class Facilitators will deliver well-documented, innovative, in-depth solutions.

Always in Your Budget

You choose the amount to award the winning team. You are in complete control of your innovation costs.

Always Confidential

Your name, challenges, and solutions are all confidential, neither the Solvers nor the public know who authorized the challenge.

IP Transfer Agreement

Every solution comes with documents signed by each team member agreeing to transfer the intellectual property to you.

Why hire a consultant when for the same cost or less, you can engage two powerful teams of innovators?

"A team made up of subject-matter experts is six times more likely to come up with a breakthrough solution than an individual working alone."

When a Seeker wanted to identify opportunities for investment in computational biology (CB), SolverTeams experts in plant science, biomedical science, business, and mathematics together created a three-phase solution, starting with a framework that organized the major applications of CB across all fields of the life sciences. »

About Teams as a Service

This Seeker wanted our teams to undertake product design and manufacturing specifications for a new self-forming, self-healing, and semi-permeable membrane material to control evaporation at large dams, so SolverTeams created an innovative silicon fluid barrier solution. »


  1. Post your challenge.
  2. Deposit the award amount.
  3. Answer emailed questions from the teams.
  4. Choose the best solution to award.
  5. Receive each team member's signed agreement to transfer the Intellectual Property, and the solution is yours.
  6. If you want, you may choose to directly hire one or more of the team members for further work.