Open Innovation

How Great Teams are Created

SolverTeam Solutions Ltd. forms teams based on proprietary algorithms that incorporate the following:

  1. A Solver's:
    • Solution success rate
    • Education
    • Inventions
    • Patents
    • Problems solved
    • Papers published
    • Evaluations by past team members and Facilitators
    • Accomplishments
    • Compatibility with newly formed team

  2. The challenge attributes and our knowledge that diversified teams are more creative than homogenous ones.

  3. Artificial Intelligence for continual improvement.

Recovering from a serious injury, people find it a challenge to restore their muscular ability. SolverTeams was asked to create an innovative technology that could simulate walking by accentuating the slightest leg movement. The team invented an ingenious technology using virtual reality to create a psychological incentive that would keep people motivated to work at their rehabilitation. »

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