Open Innovation

About the Company

Companies are seeking less expensive and less burdensome ways to solve their research challenges. SolverTeams has created a simple, easy to use platform that gives solution Seekers instant access to innovative problem-solving teams.

It is our strong belief, based on 10 years of teamsourcing experience, that teams of diversified scientists, engineers, thought-leaders and innovators, are more effective than individuals at solving challenges.

It takes time, experience, skill, and know-how to assemble teams that are knowledgeable, excited, inciteful, creative, and able to create successful breakthroughs. SolverTeams does this with the aid of artificial intelligence that is based on data from our working with 50 Seekers, 100s of challenges and 1000s of experts.

Invitation to write ‘Extension Apps'
for the SolverTeams platform

Areas of value:

  • Challenge writing
  • Thinking tools for problem solving teams
  • Resources for problem solving teams
  • Market analysis of solutions
  • Making prototypes
  • Patent search
  • Patenting
  • Arbitrage